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Legislative Agenda Summary


It’s an exciting time in the Connecticut General Assembly and the advocacy world. We have begun to finalize our legislative agenda and the legislature is beginning to shift gears for the start of the 2016 session.

We have an ambitious agenda full of great proposals that will help save lives and move Connecticut towards being a state free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Our 2016 legislative agenda includes a proposal to implement a statewide stroke registry and a tiered system of stroke facility designation. This will help ensure that when someone has a stroke they can get the most appropriate care as quickly as possible.

We will also be pursuing legislation to prohibit the marketing of unhealthy foods in schools that do not meet Connecticut’s school nutrition standards. This will help ensure that our students are successful by providing them with a culture of health that encourages a healthy diet.

We will also be working to secure appropriations to help implement CPR training in schools, build more bikeways and walkways and provide schools with incentives to promote a shared use of their facilities. It’s a short session and we certainly are going to have a lot going on. So stay tuned. I’m looking forward to moving these proposals forward with you as we work to make Connecticut a state free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

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