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Laura Ralston



Meet Laura Ralston, Little Rock Grassroots Action Team Member and passionate You're the Cure Advocate!

Name: Laura Ralston

Hometown: North Little Rock, AR

Member, Little Rock Grassroots Action Team

What celebrity, past or present, would you most like to meet and why? Jackie O because of the strength she showed in very difficult situations.

TV show you never miss? Orange is the New Black

Any hidden talents? Cooking, but not sure if that’s a hidden talent.

If a genie gave you three wishes what would you wish for? 1) Health  2) $$  3) Happiness

What book are you currently reading? Outlanders

Can you elaborate on why you have decided to advocate for SmokeFree Little Rock? I want clean indoor air in my Little Rock for the future health of my kids both at home and in my classroom.

Occupation:    3rd grade teacher at Indian Hills Elementary

Kids:  Evatt, 18, Barrett, 13, Lewis Patrick, 11

Pets: Dog - Hershey and Cats – Donovan, Lil Momma, Mersault Jerry

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