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Launching Operation: 100,000



The American Heart Association, along with partner organizations, is working to ensure a Tobacco Tax increase makes it on the ballot this year, and we need your help! An increase in the tobacco tax will help reduce smoking rates, prevent young people from becoming smokers, and help to save lives. Join us in our mission for a healthier Colorado!

While we are up against the powerful Tobacco Industry, we're confident our You're the Cure advocates will help us achieve our mission of securing 100,000 signatures to fight for a healthier community!

Last weekend's Heart Walk was the first stop on our mission to secure 100,000 signatures from registered voters. If you would like to join our mission and be part of our fight for better public health, get involved today!

We need all of the help we can get in this fight. If you would like to volunteer, please email [email protected] 


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