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Lace up your Sneakers and Make a Commitment to Live Healthier!


Spring has arrived on the calendar and soon the warm weather will too. I am sure, like me, you are looking forward to it! When the weather gets warm it motivates me to tie on those sneakers and get moving! Not only is this the perfect time for us as adults to make the commitment to start getting more physical activity, but it is the perfect time for the State to commit that our kids have opportunities for physical activity during the school day.

We know that increased time being physically active increases students’ fitness and we see the benefits across all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, among boys and girls, in all grades and all settings. There are many studies that show that physical education (PE) programs can improve risk factors in students who are exhibiting early signs of chronic disease along with improving children’s cognitive functioning and attention and behavior in the classroom. We believe it is time for the State to act and ensure that our students are getting quality physical education.

What is happening in your school? Do your kids get daily PE? Or at least a few times a week? What did you have when you were in school? I know I had high quality PE and it was the reason that now in my thirties I am still physically active. I know how important it is to learn healthy habits early. I think this year is the perfect time for the State to act and make sure our kids are getting quality physical education. Will you help us and ask your legislators for their support?

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