Hands-Only CPR Training Kiosk Launched in NOLA

Over the past six years, the Anthem Foundation has committed $12.4 million in grants to the American Heart Association. These grants promote the lifesaving skill of Hands-Only CPR. Through various initiatives this collaboration has yielded over ten million people trained in Hands-Only CPR, which means our work has resulted in an additional ten million lifesavers in our communities.


One of these initiatives is supporting the Hands-Only CPR Kiosk program.

The training kiosks provide an innovative way to meet people where they are. Everyday experiences such as waiting for your flight, walking through a college campus, or going to a museum are now opportunities to learn a lifesaving skill. In just five minutes, users will go through a self-guided training and hands-on practice, allowing them to walk away with the confidence that they know how to save a life. Since 2016, Anthem Foundation has supported eight kiosks nationwide, helping to make the kiosk program what it is today.

On March 13th, Xavier University leadership and faculty, student group representatives, along with American Heart Association and Anthem associates officially launched the first kiosk in Louisiana.

It will also serve as the ninth kiosk supported by Anthem Foundation. For each Hands-Only CPR kiosk that is placed, the goal is to train 10,000 people per year. With each additional sponsor and host site, we come closer and closer to the American Heart Association’s goal of ensuring that no one dies from cardiac arrest.

This is a stellar opportunity to help build a nation of lifesavers.

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