Telephone CPR Bill Heads to Louisiana House

If your loved one collapsed, you'd likely call 9-1-1 and wait for emergency medical services to arrive. But, those previous minutes spent waiting are crucial to your loved one's survival.


That's why we're urging the Louisiana Legislature to pass Senate Bill 264 by Sen. Troy Carter that would ensure telecommunicators who receive emergency medical condition calls are trained on the delivery of telephone CPR instructions. 

Telecommunicators are the true, first responders and a critical link in the cardiac arrest chain of survival. It is the telecommunicator, in partnership with the caller, who can identify a patient in cardiac arrest, providing the initial level of care by delivering telephone CPR (T-CPR) instructions to the caller, and quickly dispatching the appropriate level of help. It is through these actions that the telecommunicator can make the difference between life and death.

Senate Bill 264 has passed the Senate committee, Senate floor and House committee favorably. It now heads to the House floor for a vote on April 30.

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