RSVP: Louisiana Session Kick-off Call, April 16

During a time when the pandemic has heightened awareness around access to safe water and sanitation as a basic human right, we are asking Louisiana lawmakers to help put free, clean drinking water within reach for the state’s students by supporting House Bill 132 during the 2021 Louisiana Regular Legislative Session, starting April 12. We invite you to advocate with us on this issue!


Join us for our Louisiana Session Kick-off Call on Friday, April 16 at 10 AM to learn more.

House Bill 132, filed by Representative Vincent J. Pierre, requires newly constructed public school buildings and those undergoing major renovations to be equipped with water bottle filling stations.

Some benefits of the bill include:

  • Water bottle filling stations in schools can nearly triple how much water students drink at lunch time! This is good news, since drinking water improves students' health and cognitive performance.
  • Water bottle refill stations have the potential to help reduce the spread of germs. In one study, water fountains and manual pencil sharpener handles were determined to be the germiest surfaces in classrooms.
  • The cost of a water refill station compared to a water fountain is nominal in the process of construction, and can save dollars over time.

Will you plan to speak up for improved access to free, clean drinking water in Louisiana public schools? Sign up for our session kick off call to learn more about the issue and how we can advocate together!

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