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Gearing up for 2020 Legislative Sessions

With Election Day behind us, you might be wondering what's next? 

See a list of all elected legislators who will serve from 2020 - 2024.

Curious about which legislators represent you? Click here!

Slides from AHA's You're the Cure Louisiana Post-Election Chat on Nov. 21st


On January 13, the Governor will be sworn in and the Legislature will meet for two days for Organizational Session. They'll elect officers and the organization of both the House and Senate will occur. The Speaker of the House and the Senate President will be elected, and they will select the members of their Standing Committees.

Legislators will gather back at the Capitol on March 9th for Regular Session. This means we'll have two months to relentlessly educate lawmakers on our policy efforts and ask for their support - especially those members who will serve on key committees for our issues.

Once Regular Session starts, the Legislature will meet for no more than 60 days and since this will be an even numbered year they will not discuss taxes. Session is expected to conclude June 1st.

So, what issues do we plan to ask lawmakers to support?

The first issue relates to healthy restaurant kids' meals. We want to ensure the drink offered with a restaurant kids' meal is a healthier option, such as milk, water or 100% juice.

The second issue relates to preemption, or state interference, which is when a higher form of government (such as a state legislature) limits a lower form of government (such as a city council) from taking action on an issue. It is becoming an increasingly common tactic employed by special interest groups. And we're working hard to protect the ability of local leaders to innovate and enact laws that promote health.

We also will pay attention for any bills relating to flavored tobacco products. The American Heart Association supports stopping the sale of all flavored tobacco products, including menthol, as we ultimately work to end tobacco and nicotine addiction.

Moving forward -

  • We expect to send a higher number of You're the Cure alerts starting next month. Please take action!
  • Also next month, we'll invite you to register for our pre-session call scheduled for March 3rd at 11AM.
  • In January, we'll announce the date of our State Lobby Day. We hope you'll be able to join us!
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