NOLA Hosting 2018 Walk/Bike Conference

Organizers of the Walk / Bike / Places 2018 conference are inviting individuals, agencies and organizations to submit ideas for mobile workshops and local projects to take place during the conference that will be hosted in New Orleans on September 16-19, 2018. 



Walk Bike Places is an international conference that connects people who are working to create engaging places that are walkable and bike-friendly. In addition to presentations and panel discussions, the conference offers attendees “mobile workshops” – opportunities to experience the host city outside of hotel walls while highlighting local initiatives that advance the values of connectivity, access, engagement, equity, and resilience.

The local host committee, which includes professionals and citizen advocates working in a wide range of sectors, is excited to share the work of local individuals and groups who are making our city a better place to live, work, and gather. If you’re working on a project or initiative to improve walking, biking, or placemaking in the New Orleans Region, we’d like to hear about it!

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They want to highlight community-based projects, initiatives, and processes that address one or more of the themes below. Efforts may range from established programs to start-ups, from temporary interventions to permanent infrastructure improvements.

  • Placemaking & Placekeeping
  • Equitable Development
  • Music, Art, and Culture
  • Transit Access and Connectivity
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Innovative Community Engagement Processes
  • Active Transportation and Health
  • Urban Farming/Community Gardening
  • Social Engagement and Transportation
  • Helping Neighbors Get Around
  • Overcoming Physical Barriers
  • Places of Worship + Placemaking in our Communities
  • Innovative Infrastructure Projects


The local host committee is looking to highlight exciting local projects in two ways:


The conference features mobile workshops that will tour our guests throughout the Greater New Orleans Region to showcase our achievements to conference goers and mobility/transportation professionals. Some examples of potential mobile workshops include:

  • Downtown Public Spaces and Place. Explore downtown public and private spaces — including popular gathering areas, hidden gems, and once-proposed spaces that could have been. This tour will start at Piazza d’Italia and follow a route past some of the city’s iconic civic spaces, squares and green spaces in the city’s downtown core. The tour will explore the history of their development, give participants a chance to debate the strengths and weaknesses of the space, and look at the role of public gathering in the context of a growing city.
  • Public Art in Transit. Art and transit combined, provide a powerful placemaking tool that can contribute positively to rider experience, the transit facility environment, and to surrounding communities. Well conceptualized and executed art has the potential to captivate and please riders on their daily commutes for years and become symbols of surrounding neighborhoods. This workshop is intended for anyone who would like to know more about art on transit, as well as anyone with an interest in placemaking projects in partnership with other organizations.
  • Mobile Food Tour of New Orleans. New Orleans is internationally renowned for its cuisine and food culture. How do our local food traditions contribute to the spirit of our city, while helping to create a unique sense of place? This bike tour will take participants to five local establishments, where they will hear from owners, chefs, gardeners, and organizers about the intersection of food and place. 
    The above workshops are ideas only, so if your idea aligns with the above, please submit!


In addition, the conference offers opportunities to support local initiatives through volunteer hours, labor, technical assistance and/or peer problem solving. The conference will bring over 1500 attendees from around the world together in New Orleans to focus on making better places. If your project could use extra hands, thought partners or technical assistance, we want to hear from you!

Both of these opportunities will highlight our local transit, bicycle, pedestrian facilities and unique places, while providing the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and to improve on our achievements. The workshops and work sessions are usually about three hours long and can include speakers, panel discussions, or more casual question and answer sessions.

Have a project, initiative, or idea but don’t know how to turn it into a mobile workshop? Fill out the application here, and you'll be contacted. For help, please email [email protected]

This article was written by Bike Easy NOLA and shared by the American Heart Association.

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