Louisiana's Session is Underway

We're in week three of Louisiana's 2024 Regular Legislative Session. We are asking lawmakers to build a Nation of Lifesavers by increasing the number of people ready to perform CPR in an emergency through the following policy efforts.

Requiring coaches to be trained in CPR, AED, and First Aid: Senator Bill Wheat (R-Ponchatoula) filed Senate Bill 54 to require all coaches in elementary, middle, and high schools to receive on-going training in CPR, AED, and First Aid. This is great news for young athletes across the state! The bill's first stop is the Senate Education Committee. Tell your lawmakers you're counting on their support!

Securing funding for CPR in Schools: Louisiana high school students are required to learn Hands-Only CPR. However, schools in rural and underfunded districts often cannot afford to buy enough CPR training kits to effectively teach all students. We're asking lawmakers to provide funding to ensure all schools and school districts in Louisiana can purchase CPR training materials. Stay tuned for how you can help!

We're excited to urge the Louisiana Legislature to build a Nation of Lifesavers in the Bayou State. Together, we can help more people become ready to take action in the event of a cardiac emergency.

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