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Dr. Mitchell Lirtzman, Lafayette

Dr. Mitchell Lirtzman's background and experience as a cardiothoracic surgeon in Lafayette, Louisiana, makes him well aware of the fight against heart disease and stroke. He is especially interested in reducing tobacco use and obesity rates among youth, making him a perfect fit to serve on the state advocacy committee.


Dr. Lirtzman is a longtime advocate for the American Heart Association and has an impressive history of fighting big tobacco in Louisiana. Dr. Lirtzman's You're the Cure advocacy story begins in 2005, when he accepted American Heart Association's invitation to join its Louisiana Advocacy Committee and help lead efforts for a smoke-free Louisiana. After several years of serving on the local board, this transition seemed to be a natural fit for Dr. Lirtzman. In 2006, Dr. Lirtzman served on the Southeast Affiliate Board of Directors and in 2007 he received the Outstanding Advocate Award for Louisiana. In 2009, Dr. Lirtzman was appointed Chairman of the Louisiana Advocacy Committee and helped reform the state's outdated Good Samaritan laws regarding AED liability. He has served on the Louisiana Advocacy Committee through the years..

At the federal level, Dr. Lirtzman has advocated on numerous heart and stroke issues such as women and heart disease, physical education in schools and heart disease and stroke research funding. His extensive knowledge of cardiovascular diseases, combined with his passion, enables him to be a strong You're the Cure advocate.


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