Kentucky 2020 Policy Fast Facts

Tobacco 21

  • The American Heart Association advocates for policies at the federal, state and local levels that prohibit the sale of all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to anyone under the age of 21. Learn more.
  • Removal of tobacco and e-cigarette purchase, use and possession penalties for youth. Learn more.
  • The New Federal Tobacco-21 Law: What it Means for State, Local, and Tribal Governments. Learn more.
  • Ask: Please support Senate Bill 56, an ACT relating to the sale of tobacco, alternative nicotine, and vapor products and declaring an emergency. Learn more.

E-cigarette Tax 

  • E-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, as long as they are not regulated by FDA as modified risk products, should be taxed at the same rate as other tobacco products. Learn more.
  • Ask: Please support adding a 27.5 percent excise tax on the wholesale price of e-cigarettes and vaping products or an 18.5 percent excise tax on the retail price of e-cigarettes and vaping products sold in Kentucky; which is equivalent to the current excise tax on cigarettes of $1.10/pack. Learn more.

Healthy Early Care and Education Centers

  • Every week in the United States, nearly 12.5 million children younger than age 5 are in some type of child care arrangement, making both early care and education programs and in-home child care settings important for helping kids build healthy habits. Child care providers should meet minimum, uniform standards in nutrition, physical activity, screen time limitations and professional development (e.g. nutrition and physical activity education). Learn more.
  • Ask: Support Senate Bill 45, an ACT relating to child-care centers in Kentucky and setting minimum nutrition, physical activity, and screen time standards in all licensed early care and education centers. Learn more.
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