Kudos to Brattleoro Schools and Active Kids


The American Heart Association is a partner of the Eat Well Play More Vermont coalition which is trying to reduce childhood obesity in the Green Mountain State through policy changes.  One of our goals is to increase the amount of time that kids are physically active during the school day.  Studies have shown that shools can accomplish this without lengthening the school day or limiting other subjects by integrating activity into existing curriculum.

Kids that are physically active learn well. That's good for their bodies and their minds.

Congratulations to Brattleboro schools and and John Bentley for starting the Jump Start Learning Program in their schools. Kids are learning math, science and reading and jumping, hopping and skipping at the same time. And the kids are loving it!!

If you'd like to see increased physical activity and education in your kids' schools, contact [email protected] with Vermont's Agency of Education. The State Board of Education is revising its education standards and is looking at changes to possibly allow great physical education and activity in the school day.

Find out more about Brattleboro's efforts by checking out the VPR story below.


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