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The American Heart Association is a tax-exempt non-profit. That means both you and the AHA receive benefits. You can write off your donations on your taxes and we benefit from generosity that is likely enhanced by this tax benefit. However, this comes with strings attached including that AHA can not endorse candidates for office.

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So, you will never hear us tell you who to vote for.

However, we know that as a loyal You're the Cure Advocate, you care about evidence-based public policy. So, when any candidate comes to you door, think about what matters most to you. Is it the terrifying rise in youth nicotine addiction due to electronic cigarettes like JUUL? Is it Maine's higher than average cigarette smoking rate? Is it the lack of PE in Maine elementary schools? Maybe you are sick of children's menus listing sugar-laden beverages front and center? Your priority may be assuring that everyone in Maine knows where to go for high quality stroke care or that insurance plans actually cover needed services for everyone--even if they have a pre-existing condition.

Next time you hear that knock at the door during campaign season, don't hide under the dining room table. Answer the door and ask the candidates what they plan to do to assure that all Maine kids get a healthy start, that the environment in Maine allows easy ways to be active and eat well and that everyone can access quality health care. See what they say and make your own decision about who deserves your vote.

And hey, if they mention the AHA, or seem really interested in what we do, let me know. I can reach out to them after the election--even if they lose--they may make a great YTC advocate in the future.

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