Kids can save lives


Every morning my daughter runs out to the deck to greet the school bus taking the “big kids” to school.  She is still too young to get on that bus, but will in a few short years.  We are teaching her the basics to keep her safe and healthy—look both ways, hold hands, and brush your teeth.  As she gets older, she will learn how to keep those around her safe as well.

In about 10 years, she will be old enough and strong enough to learn CPR.  It will only take about 20 minutes to teach—but the knowledge will last a lifetime.
The American Heart Association is working to make sure that all high school kids will learn CPR before they graduate from high school.  Will you help?  Please email me at [email protected] to add your name to our growing list of Maine advocates who think 20 minute CPR training should be a high school graduation requirement.

I look forward to working with you to save lives.

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