Keep Your Heart Health in Mind this Holiday Season!

The holidays can be a real challenge for keeping a heart healthy lifestyle in mind. It seems like everywhere you turn there’s sweet, salty, sugary, cheesy, holiday goodness around. Plus, with everything going on, it’s easy to just want to enjoy what you can. Nearly everyone tends to get off track! There are some tips that can hopefully help you keep your heart health in mind while you’re celebrating.

Try healthy alternatives to favorites

So much of what we love over the holidays might not love us. As we know too much sugar is a contributor to heart issues and diabetes. While moderation is the key to everything, there are some great alternatives to plain ‘ol white sugar that taste great and are a better option for your health. Try stevia or maple syrup or monk fruit as better options for grandma’s famous peanut butter cookies. Want a cheesy taste that won’t defy your doctor’s orders? Try nutritional yeast cheese sauce! Its umami flavor is a hit for anyone who tries it (also a great option for that vegan friendsgiving you’re invited to!).

Get your mind right

For so many reasons, this time of year can really mess with your mind. The days are shorter, the skies are greyer, and you have SO much going on. Totally understandable that your mind isn’t at it’s peak performance. Stress can affect your heart, so instead of pulling the covers over your head, try this: Close your eyes and breathe in slowly and smoothly 1…2…3. Hold your breath 1….2…3. Then breathe out 1….2….3. Try this 3 times in a row when you’re overwhelmed. If you need more, do more. It’s been proven that taking just a moment to breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to slow down and relax. This can help you relax when someone takes your parking spot or when things get tense with your outspoken cousin.

Your guide to the grocery store

So you’re at the grocery store, and you’re ready to eat well – but where do you begin? Here is a handy guide to help you better know what to get when you’re in the supermarket. If you have further questions, some stores even have a nutritionist on staff who can help you make the right choices.

Trying some of these ideas can help you stay on the right track so even if your holidays aren’t the picture of health, you can make some good choices that will keep your heart health in mind!

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