Keep school meals healthy

Healthy school meals are in danger! That is because the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) plans to roll back healthy school meal standards by allowing fewer whole grains, more sodium, and higher calorie flavored-milk. This action would result in less nutritious meals for our children, but we can stop it.

Will you join me and urge the USDA to keep school meals healthy?

Busy parents face the daily challenge of making sure our children eat nutritious meals even in the midst of a hectic family schedule. That is why we're grateful that kids are eating healthier school lunches these last few years thanks to the current standards.

Since the standards were rolled out a few years ago, schools have made amazing progress. More than 99% of schools participating in the USDA’s school meals program have been serving healthier foods. With this success, why does the USDA want to pull back efforts to serve children and help them grow up at a healthy weight?

We cannot turn our back on our children’s health. Will you contact the USDA today?


hero_image_alt_text===Girl with a healthy school lunch