Keep Wyoming Hearts on Your Mind This November

The American Heart Association is encouraging you to keep Hearts on your mind with regards to our elected leaders and remember that our State needs you to stay involved - even after the polls close!


One of my fondest memories of serving my state as Miss Wyoming last year was when I got the opportunity to visit our state capital and speak with our representatives in both the Wyoming Senate & House of Representatives about enacting heart healthy legislation. Last spring, our focus was on advocating to pass a tobacco tax, which would hopefully discourage youth from beginning to use harmful tobacco products and inspire others to quit! Unfortunately, #PassTheBuck didn’t make it through the House- but it was still one of the most memorable days of my year and I felt that my voice was truly heard because I was taking the opportunity to let my opinions be known. I greatly appreciated how my representatives took the time to speak to me and listen as I told them what I was passionate about- encouraging heart health in the lives of all Wyomingites. I even spoke on the floor of the Senate! It was an incredible opportunity, and I felt valued and respected despite my young age.

Our generation holds a lot of passion- and if it is channeled positively, we can play a great role in Wyoming's future by actively participating in government. Furthermore, we can become important advocates for causes we care about, like the AHA! Simply build a team of like-minded individuals with similar goals to prioritize heart health, do your research, find your target audience, carry out your plans for advocating, and celebrate your success when you make a positive change! It’s not difficult, and maybe you’ll even fall in love with advocacy work, like I have! Again, I can’t encourage you enough to get out and vote- it’s one of our most basic rights and we should not take it for granted and assume that someone else to step up to do what we have not. We are the changemakers!

Forever your Miss Wyoming 2017 and AHA Advocate,

Cheyenne Buyert

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