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Keep Casper 100% Smoke-Free


Public health professionals know that preventable deaths and diseases will increase in Casper if the smoke-free ordinance is repealed. Secondhand smoke causes 75,000 heart disease deaths and around 3,000 lung cancer deaths in nonsmokers in the U.S. every year. Extended exposure to secondhand smoke is also correlated with a 20-30% increased chance of heart attack. Still, anyone who has lost a friend or relative to one of these diseases knows that numbers can’t possibly begin to account for those people’s lives.

Casper residents and workers have the right to breathe clean air and to be healthier because of it. Casper residents also have the right to not lose their friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to diseases caused by secondhand smoke. Don't approve several loopholes that mean residents and workers aren’t fully protected. By keeping the current comprehensive smoke-free ordinance, Casper can keep residents and workers protected.

Secondhand smoke kills. It’s as simple as that. We support a Smoke-Free Casper because Wyoming will be a better place for all without the diseases and deaths caused by secondhand smoke. Casper residents shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health to earn a paycheck or to visit their favorite restaurant or bar. Let’s KEEP Casper 100% smoke free!

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