Keep an open mind and be adventurous


Guest Blogger: Christine Wooley, Advocate Leader

AHA advocates for obesity prevention programs at the state and federal levels. Things like: menu labeling, healthy meals in schools, reducing trans fats and sodium in the food supply. While AHA advocates are hard at work on these issues at a systems level, there are things we can do at home to help improve our health.

Kale delivers a powerhouse of nutrients to your diet and eating it on a regular basis can provide significant health benefits. Containing a high a concentration of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and fiber; what's not to love about the kale? It truly is the Rock Star of vegetables!

 My first introduction to kale was at a dinner party. A friend brought a beautiful green salad overflowing with kale and crisp colorful vegetables. Feeling apprehensive about eating this curly green that I once thought looked more like an exotic house plant than a delicious entrée, I carefully took a bite. Pleasantly surprised by its wonderful rich flavor, I immediately started planning my next meal made with kale. It is now one of my favorite foods.

Keeping your diet interesting and full of fresh flavors is one of the best ways to stay on a healthy diet. I have found that it is beneficial to keep your vegetables washed and ready to eat. This makes it easier to grab a healthy snack when you are hungry. Even if you don’t like vegetables, keep an open mind and be adventurous. You might just find a delicious vegetable that you look forward to eating, just like I do kale.

This is a link for a wonderful kale dish made with mustard and green apples. Enjoy!

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