Kathy Underwood, Hanover, New Hampshire

I have been involved with the AHA for almost thirty years, as a state board member, a Circle of Red contributor and on the Affiliate Board of Directors. 

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My motivation is my husband who was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy when he was in his 30’s. At the time, we had three young children under the age of 4 who needed a dad.  We were able to experience first-hand the importance of research.  My husband took every new medication, experienced every new medical device, and lived 9 months with an LVAD until a heart became available. This May, he hits his 13th anniversary with his new heart.  We now know that this disease is hereditary and we have 3 beautiful girls. We need to fund more research to find a cure for this disease. I remain committed to making my voice heard when it comes to funding. I wouldn’t have my husband of 37 years with me today if it weren’t for research funding in the past.

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