Karen Dionne Goes to Washington

Who thinks advocacy is difficult?  Who thinks they have nothing to say that's important? Well I'm here to tell you that advocacy is not difficult and you too have something important to say!


My husband Michael and I recently joined hundreds of other volunteers from around the country in Washington D.C. to speak with lawmakers on two important issues.  Keeping the standards for healthy school meals and to ask for an increase in funding for the National Institute of Health (NIH).  

As a stroke survivor, NIH research funding is an important issue to me.  I learned that only 4% of research funds are allocated to heart disease and 1% to stroke.  Funding NIH dollars have decreased every year since 2002.  

Think of how much we've learned with medical research in the last 20 years, the improvements that were made, the lives that were saved, and where we will be in the next 20 years.  It's important to increase NIH funding, not decrease.  Our future generations depend on this.

I'm proud to be an advocate with You're The Cure.  Together with other You're The Cure voices, we can and will make a difference.  

Every heart has a story.  Make yours heard today. 

Karen Dionne, stroke survivor
Founder Reclaiming Ourselves - online support for stroke survivors
Board Member South Sound

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