Kara Corso

Eating healthy foods sounds like something people should just be able to choose, but where I grew up in rural Virginia, that was not the case.

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I remember my parents had to drive about 15 miles to get to a grocery store and sometimes just had no choice but to settle for a fast food restaurant nearby.  It was a real challenge. My family generally ate healthy, but convenience was sometimes simply necessary!  
We actually lived closer than most to the grocery store and I can imagine what people had to deal with who lived deeper in the county.  Even now there are only a couple grocery stores nearby and for folks living further west, shopping choices are non-existent.
What’s interesting about this is that we lived in a rural place with lots of farms.  You would think that meant fresh produce everywhere, but sadly, that was not the case.  There were little country stores but they were filled with the typical junk food you see everywhere.  
I know that You’re the Cure advocates are working to change this by attracting grocers to open in areas where people don’t have easy access to healthy and affordable food. Investing in better grocery options can make all the difference, creating the kind of environment we need to help people live long and healthy lives.
Wish you’d all join me in asking for support from your state legislature!  

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