Junk Food Marketing in Schools Conflicts with Teaching Children Healthy Eating Habits

Preventing childhood obesity is one of the most important ways we can reduce the future risk of heart disease in adults. 

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Tremendous progress has been made in school nutrition in recent years.  New Hampshire school districts have successfully implemented improved nutrition guidelines for meals and snack foods served to students. There is overwhelming support among parents that their children have a healthier food environment during the school day.   Yet food and beverage companies are still allowed to market junk food to students through giveaways, posters, scoreboards, coupon incentive programs and even on branded educational materials!  Schools are not allowed to sell products that don’t meet the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools Guidelines, so food and beverage companies should not be allowed to advertise these products.  To learn more about public policies to help build healthy environments at school and in the community, please visit www.voicesforhealthykids.org.

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