Julie Marconi, Pennsylvania

My mother Peggy Donahay died December 7, 2011, at age 80.  She had heart disease, was a diabetic,  and experienced seven mini-strokes.  We had been taking care of her for the last 4 years.  On November 2011, she had another stroke which affected her walking, talking and swallowing.  They told us there was nothing else they could to do, but two weeks later she was eating, walking and trying to talk.  There was hope!


Unfortunately, within the following two weeks she had another stroke and was in a coma.  We stayed by her side, watching her suffer but there was nothing we could do about it.  She was a wonderful mother, wife and grandmother and things are so different without her.  This experience has impacted my life and my family and this is why I became a You’re The Cure Advocate.  My hope is there will be advance in treatment and medication so others will not suffer like she did. 

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