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Juddson Rupp Wins Dr. Blackburn Award


Last month the Advocacy Coordinating Committee met in the Raleigh office for our annual face-to-face meeting and awards ceremony.  I never realize how much I miss everyone until we have cause to get together.

Intertwined with session outlook updates and training we took time to recognize some hard working volunteers and legislators.  Our illustrious Vice Chair, Juddson Rupp, received this year’s Dr. Robert Blackburn Award for outstanding service.  Juddson has continuously used his talents and influence to further the cause of combating heart disease.

Representative Fulgham and Representative Stam were also recognized by our group for their policy work this past year. Support from our legislators makes our goals attainable. 

As I look forward to the Legislative Session and our NC State Lobby Day, I will reflect on what we want to accomplish as a group and what I can do as an individual to make that happen. I encourage the reader to do the same.  Remember, individual participation is the first step to collective success!

**Many thanks to Yolanda Dickerson, NC Advocacy Coordinating Committee Chair, for writing this post for us.**

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