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I distinctly remember going to the library with my dad one evening. He and my mom were interested in getting a vehicle and he wanted to do all the research he could to inform his decision. He pulled out consumer reports magazines and an actual Kelly Blue Book.

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Needless to say, the speed and ease of technology has forever transformed the way in which we receive, send and consume information. Kelly Blue Book is now an app that holds more information than my dad could ever hope to find in a single library. Even the way in which we communicate with each other has drastically changed. At one point, I’m sure this message would have gotten to you as an actual paper newsletter, complete with postmark and stamp. Gone are the days of the letter or note – today is the day of e-mail and texts.

At the AHA, the ways in which we interact with our volunteers and those interested in heart and stroke issues have significantly changed as well. While I am sure each one of you wait eagerly to receive messages from me each month, the fact is that we live in an environment where new information is bombarding us nearly every moment of the day. Recognizing the important role that new research, current trends and breaking news plays in our fight against cardiovascular disease and stroke I wanted to make sure that each of you knew how best to interact with us here at the AHA and how to get your hands (and eyes) on the latest and greatest we have to offer.

Give us a follow! Share, like, comment or whatever you would like to do to engage with us. Content is updated daily to ensure that you have the newest research and announcements at your fingertips!

While you are there, feel free to share your story with us! Advocates just like you began as curious onlookers or event attendees. As they had an opportunity to share their story with us we have been able to help amplify their voice to help others learn from their experiences. Who knows, our next guest-blogger sharing their story about CPR, stroke, or taking steps to live healthier could be you!

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