Join us for our first Digital Lobby Week, Nebraska!

We would like to invite you to register to attend the 2021 Digital Lobby Week! Although we can't meet in person this year we hosting a week long event that people take part from wherever they are, when they have time. Together we will successfully fight for laws that prevent heart disease and stroke and help make a difference in the lives of thousands of people in Nebraska.

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We will be offering a series of different actions throughout the week to help pass our priorities. We are working to make sure that everyone from every corner of the state can make their voice heard. We are taking different actions on different days. You can take part in as many as you like! If you cannot attend one day, don't worry, you can do the following!

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday, March 1st-
A training and kickoff call: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Tweets to lawmakers: Take a few moments to tweet your lawmaker in the afternoon or evening 

Tuesday, March 2nd-
Emails to lawmakers: Take a few moments to email your lawmaker during the day 

Wednesday, March 3rd-
Share our stories: Take a few minutes to record a video or write why you volunteer with AHA on social media

Thursday, March 4th-
Meetings with lawmakers or phone calls to lawmakers

  • Meetings with lawmakers with be either 15 or 30 minutes long
  • Phone calls to lawmakers will take a few minutes anytime you choose throughout the day

All attendees that wish to meet with their lawmakers on the 4th, are required to join us for a Training and Kickoff Call on Monday, March 1st, 12:00pm-1pm. Call-in details will be emailed out beforehand. Everyone else is encouraged to attend as well!

The call will prepare you for your Digital Lobby Week experience and will include:
• An overview of our event activities
• Review of the "Asks" we will be making of our legislators
• A review of proper etiquette/process of meeting with your legislators that day
• An update on the current legislative environment

Issues we will be advocating for include:

  • Create a Stroke Registry - A process for collecting and assessing combined hospital data to help improve stroke treatment and outcomes statewide.

  • Tobacco Prevention - Secure funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs

  • Broadband access - Increase the access to the internet to help better telehealth.




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