Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment 103

This November, voters in Oregon will be faced with a very full ballot of things that are not what they seem. One, in particular, is of great concern to the AHA. Although it’s being sold that way, Constitutional Amendment 103 isn’t about groceries. It’s about stripping voters of their control over their communities and locking an unnecessary and risky experiment into Oregon’s constitution.

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We believe in healthy communities. To us, healthy communities also mean that local voters get a voice in their local government. That’s why the American Heart Association opposes Constitutional Amendment 103.  No two cities or towns in Oregon are alike. We cannot afford to take a one-size-fits-all approach to local decisions. Cities and counties that have their own unique needs often lead the way on public health issues, like preventing and protecting from tobacco use and improving access to healthy foods, at the local level. 103 interferes in local democracy by dictating which laws cities and counties can and cannot pass. We can’t let special interests steal our voice.

Help us defend the rights of our local communities to address public health issues as they see fit. Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment 103.

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