Join Our Upcoming Webinar: Let’s Talk - Your Guide to Calling Lawmakers!

Are you passionate about making a difference but find yourself hesitating to pick up the phone and call your lawmakers? You're not alone, and we're here to help! We are excited to invite you to attend our enlightening virtual webinar, "Let’s Talk: Your Guide to Calling Lawmakers," on March 6th. This is your chance to overcome any barriers that might be stopping you from taking such an impactful step toward advocacy.

Why You Should Attend

The power of personal stories and constituent voices is unmatched in advocacy, yet many of us hesitate to make that crucial call. This webinar will:

  • Highlight Lawmaker Perspectives: Gain insight into how your calls influence policy decisions.
  • Share Staff Experiences: Learn what makes a call effective from the viewpoint of those who manage lawmaker communications.
  • Provide Practical Advice: Receive actionable tips on crafting and delivering your message with impact.
  • Offer Real-Time Practice: Engage in live practice sessions to build confidence and ensure your calls make an impression.

Why Your Voice Matters

Every phone call you make can sway a lawmaker's opinion and bring us one step closer to a world free of heart disease and stroke. Whether it's advocating for better healthcare policies, supporting research funding, or promoting healthy community initiatives, your voice is crucial in the fight against these leading killers.

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Don't miss this opportunity to become a more effective advocate for heart health and stroke prevention. Sign up today to secure your spot in our "Let’s Talk: Your Guide to Calling Lawmakers" webinar. Together, we can make a difference, one phone call at a time.

Your participation not only empowers you but also contributes to our collective mission to be a relentless force for longer healthier lives. We look forward to seeing you there and making every call count!

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