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Join the Movement to Ensure the Next Generation of Lifesavers


You have raised your voice in support of newborns being screened for critical congenital heart defects, and having those defects addressed before it’s too late. You’ve also made it possible for New Mexico residents to receive faster and better quality heart and stoke care. The impact you’re making is incredible, and our communities are healthier and safer because of you.

There is another opportunity for which your support can save a life.

Students, teachers, and organizations are joining forces to make CPR in schools a priority, helping to prepare thousands of qualified lifesavers in communities across our state. The American Heart Association will be working with advocates and lawmakers to build support for funding to train 7th – 12th grade students with lifesaving CPR skills.

Will join the movement to prepare the next generation of lifesavers?

Click here to let your state representative and state senator know that you support CPR in Schools! Want to learn more about our campaign efforts? Please email [email protected].

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