JoAnne & David Babbitt-Chatham, NJ


JoAnne and David Babbitt founded the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation in 2007 in memory of their son John who died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2006 while playing basketball. He was 16. Since its inception, the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation has donated numerous Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be made available in public places as well as promote CPR and AED training and awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

One of the programs the foundation started is JTB Heart Clubs at several high schools in North Jersey. The students in these clubs promote CPR and AED awareness among their peers. Several of the student leaders of these clubs were instrumental in advocating for the CPR in Schools bill that was recently approved by the Legislature.

In 2014, David Babbitt was recognized as a "Hero of the 500" by Fortune Magazine for the Foundation’s efforts to gain greater public access to AEDs and legislative advocacy work.

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