Jim Bischoff is headed to DC. Will you 'be there' with him? 


From 1990 to 2002, I was hospitalized six times for angioplasties. I had to step aside from my position as school superintendent in 1992 due to my issues with coronary artery disease. Good cardiac care and advances in research have contributed to my survival and quality of life. Six years ago my son-in-law suffered a series of three strokes: at home during the night, in the life squad and at the hospital. Thanks to excellent functioning of all stages of the chain of survival in a timely manner, he suffers no residual limitations and is living a full productive life with my daughter and four grandchildren.

Attending the Rally for Medical Research is important to me because meritorious research is being seriously underfunded. Inadequate budgets and cuts mean we are losing teams of skilled researchers, and potential advances in both basic and clinical science are being lost. Heart and stroke are the #1 and 4 killers and stroke is the #1 disabler of our citizens.

I am asking you as a fellow advocate to please support our efforts by signing on to the ‘Hearts for Research’ photo petition. Each name and picture submitted in support for prioritizing our nation’s investment in medical research will be delivered to Congress during the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day on September 18th.

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