Janet Wronski, Massachusetts

Meet Stroke Survivor Janet Wronski. 

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Janet Wronski had a stroke almost 6 years ago at age 53. There were no warning signs and no symptoms! She is a stroke survivor, but could have been a stroke victim had she not been brought to the proper hospital! At 8:45 on a Tuesday morning in July 2011, Janet got up and felt a little bit dizzy, as she went to pick up a pen to write something down her right hand and arm went limp. She crawled back into my bed thinking that it would go away but after picking up the phone to call her husband and couldn't think of his number she knew something was wrong, so she called for her son. The rescue team was there within a few minutes. As they tried to assess me, she heard one of the EMTs say, " this woman is having a stroke!" They took Janet to the ambulance and told her son that they would be taking her to the local Hospital! He said, "No take her to the larger hospital a few towns away because that is where her doctors are. Luckily, they listened to him and lucky for Janet one of the best doctors in the country was on staff that morning and he was able to do interventional therapy to remove the clot from her brain! Had she gone to another facility and sat in the emergency room for a couple of hours waiting for a diagnosis, then being shipped to another hospital, it could have been too late to expect a positive outcome. Janet woke up after surgery being able to speak and was up walking in no time. She went home two days later with no physical deficits! Janet considers herself very lucky to have been brought to the right hospital and given the correct care immediately.

An image of Janet Wronski. and her family.

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