Its Time to Improve Stroke Care in the Commonwealth


Imagine you were 14 years old and you had sudden weakness on one side of your body, you suddenly had trouble speaking, you had a loss of balance and you had a sudden, severe headache with no known cause. You went immediately to your closest hospital. Would you know that these were classic stroke symptoms? Shouldn’t the hospital? Well for Kristina the hospital said she probably had an ear infection and wanted to send her home. She lost a lot of precious time, time that should have been used to treat her stroke.

This week we were fortunate to have Kristina and two other stroke survivors, Jamie and Meg come and share their stories with the Committee on Public Health. Jamie and Meg suffered their stroke about 11 miles from each other in less than a year of time and experienced very different treatment. Anyone suffering a stroke should not worry that when they go to the hospital will they get the highest level of quality of care. We are working to improve stroke care in the Commonwealth.

Are you a stroke survivor? Or someone you love? Do you want to get involved in our stroke campaign? We are working to raise awareness for stroke and ensure that our hospitals are treating stroke quickly because we know we can do better for stroke patients in the Commonwealth!  We want to sure that the Commonwealth is once again being a leader on stroke.

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