It's Time to #NixtheNext, Kentucky.

It's 2022 and Big Tobacco is still marketing to our kids. 

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thumbnail_alt_text===kids on campus

They use colorful packaging and kid-friendly flavors. They provide posters to plaster the windows of convenience stores near schools and playgrounds. They advertise nicotine-laced e-cigarettes on streaming video and social media.

Today's middle and high school students are replacement customers for tobacco companies. In Kentucky, nearly 30% of high school students reported using tobacco products, and 17% of middle school students reported currently using e-cigarettes.

What can we do to help protect them? We can give communities more tools to reduce tobacco marketing to kids.

In 1996, tobacco companies lobbied for and got a state law prohibiting local governments from limiting the sale, marketing and distribution of products--even to protect youth. And they have been controlling local tobacco regulation ever since.

It's time to #NixtheNext, Kentucky! We have an opportunity and an obligation to protect Kentucky's kids from a future of tobacco and nicotine addiction.

Send a message to your lawmakers now urging them to repeal this old law and empower local communities to protect their youth!

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