It's time to return local decision making to the counties

The American Heart Association is supporting legislation during Hawaii's 2023 state legislative session to repeal a state law "preempting" our county governments from taking action on tobacco sales issues. The state passed the preemptive law during the waning moments of the 2018 session stating that Hawaii’s youth vaping epidemic was too important to not be addressed on a statewide level. Since that time, state legislators have yet to pass any effective legislation aimed at curbing the vaping epidemic. 

Preemption is a common tactic by the tobacco industry to prevent effective health policies from being passed. Since the preemption on county tobacco-control policies was established, the industry has been among the leading contributors in campaign contributions to key legislative leaders who have helped to bottle up passage of health policies that would effect the industry’s profits.

If you'd like to learn more about the issue watch this video or reach out us for specific information on the situation in Hawaii.

thumbnail of the 2023 preemption Video

hero_image_alt_text===A street sign with the words: Federal, state, city, town, municipal on it
thumbnail_alt_text===A street sign with the words: Federal, state, city, town, municipal on it
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