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It's time to break out the red!


Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day and the start of American Heart Month!

Since the first National Wear Red Day 10 years ago, tremendous strides have been made in the fight against heart disease in women, including:

  • 21% fewer women have died from heart disease
  • 23% more women aware are that it's their No. 1 health threat
  • Women-specific guidelines for prevention and treatment have been published to better inform the medical community. 
  • Legislation has been passed by Congress to help end gender disparities

 But the fight is far from over as hundreds of thousands of women still die each year. It's time to stand stronger, speak louder and join us in the fight.

Here are five easy things you can do RIGHT NOW to help make a difference:

  1. Tell our nation’s decision-makers why the fight against our nation’s No. 1 killer must be prioritized.
  2. Join the 'America Goes Red Challenge' by sharing a pick of yourself, your family, your coworkers, or your community going red.
  3. RSVP for the 3rd annual State of Women’s Heart Health webinar on February 5th.  You’ll hear from our nation’s top health officials about advancements in fighting heart disease in women.
  4. Spread the word!  Share this awesome video on Facebook and Twitter highlighting the progress that has been made toward improving women’s heart-health.  
  5. Know the Symptoms of a Heart Attack. Some signs may be a different for women than men.  Learn them and share them with a woman you love.
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