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It's here! November is National Family Caregivers Month


In honor of stroke caregivers, who are often seen as superheroes, the American Stroke Association provides information and resources to help them take care of themselves and make their lives easier.  
If you’re not a caregiver, share the link below with a special caregiver you may know. 

Family members can help their loved one by providing encouragement, celebrating improvements and letting the survivor do as much as possible independently. Caregivers and other family and friends can reassure stroke survivors that they are wanted, needed and important to them.

Providing care for a loved one after stroke can be an extremely rewarding experience. At the same time, it can be stressful and frustrating when you are suddenly thrust into the position of caregiver without warning. The information here will help you take care of not only the stroke survivor in your life, but yourself.

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