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It's Official: Pulse Ox Screening Required for All Illinois Newborns



Governor Quinn signed HB 2661, our bill requiring that all newborns in Illinois be screened for critical congenital heart defects via a quick, cheap, and non-invasive pulse oximetry test!  This bill ultimately took just over a year to pass, beginning with the terrific work of our dedicated volunteers on a special advisory committee to the state, continuing with no fewer than nine committee and floor votes in the legislature, and ending with the Governor’s signature.  Thanks to all of that work, all Illinois’ newborns will now be screened for critical congenital heart defects, a practice which will help save lives for years to come. 

Check out this great letter to the editor from passionate advocate Joe Goldzweig that appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

Remember that saying thanks is also important!  Please take a moment and send a message to Governor Quinn thanking him for protecting the littlest hearts in Illinois.

This is a big victory for families across the state, and it is also yet more proof that we can make great things happen with your help!   You ARE the Cure! 

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