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It's May and It's Stroke Month!


 May has always been a favorite month.  The weather is warming.  The flowers are blooming.

May is also Stroke Awareness Month.  My family, as is true for many of you, has been personally impacted by stroke.  The science of stroke treatment has evolved and grown over the last couple of decades.  In fact, in 2006 at the International Stroke Conference, a paper was released that details all of the components of an effective stroke system of care.  It is time to bring those policy changes to Ohio residents.

As we welcome the blooming of the flowers, it is time for the Ohio General Assembly to restart stroke policy efforts.  Please join us in reminding them of the personal side of stroke and the importance of bringing research based policy solutions to our state!

Take a few minutes to respond to our current stroke alert!   With so many feeling the impact of stroke, consider sharing the alert on your social networks. By joining our voices, we can ensure Ohio Legislators address this critical issue. 

Lastly, consider sharing your experience with stroke (personally or as a family member.)  Click on the Share Your Story from the home page. These stories help us bring stroke statistics to life!

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