It's Budget Time in MA


As you may have heard, the Governor released his budget yesterday. We knew it was going to be a tough budget year but we are applaud the Governor for making a strong commitment to the improvement of the health of the residents.

The Governor including a proposed tobacco tax of a $.1.00 and for equalizing the tax rate for other tobacco products at the same rate as cigarettes. Do you support this? Do you this will help reduce the use of tobacco products among youth and adults? Will it save the State money?

The Governor also an elimination of the current state sales tax exemption on soft drinks. Do you support this? Do you believe that it will make a difference in the reduction of obesity? Will it make you buy less usgar sweetened beverages for you or your family?

We were also happy to see that the Governor maintained the state's claim to "universal" health insurance coverage and preservation of state-funded benefits and eligibility. The budget also inlcuded an investment in prevention programs by including the critical funding to the Department of Public Health for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention programs and the Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program.

This is only the first step in a long budget process, and we look for our State to continue to be a leader on the issues of prevention and public health, you can help by reaching out to your legislators on the issues you care about or taking action on our upcoming action alert.


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