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It's Back to School Season: What Are Ohio's Kids Learning?


Ohio's kids can learn a lot at school. History. Math. Smoking?

It's hard to believe, but our kids may be learning about tobacco use where you'd least expect it--on school grounds. While school buildings must be smoke-free inside, surprisingly, tobacco products can still be used on school property in Ohio. We must set a better example for our kids!

Last year, with your encouragement, the Ohio Board of Education passed a resolution for 100% tobacco-free schools. They recognized the importance of preventing tobacco use at an early age. While some schools already had a 100% tobacco free policy and others have since passed (or are considering) a 100% tobacco free policy, Ohio can still do better.

Let's ensure that all Ohio students have the benefit of 100% tobacco free schools! 

We owe it to our kids to model healthy behaviors where they do most of their learning - at school!

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