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Is your Worksite Affecting your Waistline?


Would it surprise you that in Washington D.C. 372 million dollars are spent every year on health conditions caused by obesity? Obesity and overweight affect 56 percent of D.C. adults. Obesity, overweight, and poor diet contribute to such diseases as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke.

The good news is many people are trying to make lifestyle changes to ward off the threat of the disease. According to a 2010 study by the Snack Food Association, 74 percent of people are trying to eat healthier and 65 percent are eating specific foods to lose weight. Unfortunately, the workplace is often a hindrance to our attempts to be healthy.

Studies show a strong correlation between the environment of the workplace and the health behaviors of employees. Unhealthy snack foods and meal options in the workplace make healthy choices more difficult for employees. Whether they are in the vending machines, in the candy dish, or sitting out in the kitchen, unhealthy foods are abundant in the workplace. In addition to this, most jobs require that their employees sit at a desk for long hours. A combination of low levels of activity and a higher intake of unhealthy foods makes the workplace a danger to our health.

You’re the Cure advocates are working to pass legislation that makes the healthy choice the easy choice in the workplace.  Tell your representative that you want to see your workplace become an environment that promotes health for all of its employees.

Did you contact your representative about worksite wellness? We want to hear about it. Drop a quick note to Catherine at [email protected].


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