Is Social Media Your Thing?

Are you a regular user of Facebook or Twitter?  You don’t know how valuable you could be to our mission! 

You could help us expand our reach and inspire others to help just by sharing our blog posts, online action alerts, and other items related to our mission. 
So easy, but so valuable!!  In just moments - from the comfort of your own home (or wherever!) - you can be helping to drive our mission. 
Us:  Want to get on our list as a dedicated Social Media Advocate? 
You:  Well, what would I actually have to do?
Us: Check our pages a couple times a week and re-share what you find.  Post specific sharing requests sent to you by email whenever you can.  Encourage others to share, and to take action on the posts when it’s appropriate as well.
You:  Oh, that sounds easy.  I can do that, no problem!  Sign me up.
UsYAY, that’s awesome!  Thank you! 
What a simple way to support the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and our You’re the Cure efforts. 
• Virginia, Maryland, and DC peeps email [email protected]
• North Carolina and South Carolina peeps email [email protected]
We’ll connect back to provide you the scoop you’ll need to get rolling! 
Know anyone else who might like to help? Share this blogpost with friends and family who are motivated to help us make change happen!

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