Investing in Prevention



The cheapest and most effective way to treat heart disease and stroke is to prevent them in the first place.

Take action now! Ask lawmakers to fund important lifesaving programs.

We encourage lawmakers to support a number of funding requests that will reduce heart disease and stroke in Texas:

1. $2 million for the Heart Attack and Stroke Data Collection Initiative. These funds will support a state program to collect data on the prevalence and treatment of heart attack and stroke to improve care for patients across Texas. A fully-funded program is critical to see where heart and stroke events are occurring, measure outcomes for patients, pinpoint areas of need, and improve the care for heart attack and stroke patients across Texas.

2. $2 million for Coordinated School Health Funding. This investment would fund a systematic approach to improving the health and well-being of all students so they can fully participate and be successful in school. By bringing together all of the major players in a child’s life, Coordinated School Health creates an environment that is supportive of health and learning, and results in decreased obesity rates, increased fitness, and increased graduation rates.

3. $10 million for Texas Grocery Access Investment. This funding would support businesses and create jobs, while helping to bring grocery stores to the more than 3.4 million Texans living in communities where it is difficult to buy fresh and healthy food. This investment would help families be healthier and fight obesity, and ultimately drive down the costs associated with poor nutrition and obesity.

 These investments will go a long way towards preventing cardiovascular disease and will save our state and taxpayers money through reduced health care costs.

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