Internship at the Heart Association?


Jennifer Baldwin, Arizona

So what does it mean to be an intern with the American Heart Association? It means the opportunity to work with a bunch of incredibly motivated people who truly strive to promote the health of their community.

I am coming into this internship with over five years of bedside nursing under my belt and my Master’s in nursing with emphasis in public health only a few months away. Yippee, almost done! However, in order to finish, I needed real world experience. Book knowledge is great, but how do I take that information and put it into action?

So I went online and had some fun searching through non-profit websites, until I came across the American Heart Association. Here is an organization that takes the scientific knowledge I know and put it into action. So I made a little phone call and before I knew what was happening I was in touch with the advocacy department in the Tempe office.

Well, after a few weeks into my internship I have been able to promote CPR legislation, support fundraising measures, mingle with senators, and assist our community’s stroke survivors, oh, and do not forget the statistical number crunching. The AHA has been tremendous in lending me real world applications of public health and to understand just what an awesome, vital organization the AHA truly is. This talented group of men and women have opened their arms and knowledge to me over the past few weeks. I cannot have asked for a better internship and mentor than what I have found here at the AHA. ADVOCACY RULES!!!

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