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Increasing Healthier Choices in the Commonwealth


What I sometimes find ironic is that on  one hand, states and localities fund obesity and chronic disease prevention, while on the other, they serve and sell soda, chips, candy, and other foods that promote obesity and disease. Thankfully, state and local governments across the country are now realizing that serving and selling unhealthy food contradicts their obesity and chronic disease prevention efforts. The American Heart Association has a solution to help states and localities ensure healthier options are available to residents and visitors: healthier vending machine options. Vending machines are a highly visible source of food and beverages. Improving the nutritional quality of vending machine selections is an important step toward creating a culture of health.

We are working to ensure access to healthier options and help to create more supportive food environments for government employees, visitors to public property, participants in government‐sponsored programs, and people in government institutional environments. We believe these efforts will help reduce obesity and diet‐related chronic diseases, reduce health care costs, increase American competitiveness, give people what they want, increase demand for healthier options and support employees’ ability to eat healthfully. We hope you will join our efforts!

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