Help Invest in Medical Research and Prevention Programs

Heart disease and stroke continue to be the numbers 1 and 5 killers of Americans across the country. Despite these scary numbers, there is hope. Investing in medical research conducted by NIH and prevention programs at the CDC will stop more friends and family from suffering. Life-saving medical breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. It takes years of research and testing, but that is only possible if our lawmakers continue to make research a priority.

That’s why I’m asking you to contact your U.S. Representative before the March 28th appropriations request deadline and urge them to make NIH medical research and CDC heart and stoke prevention funding a priority.

Unfortunately, the President’s proposed budget would cut NIH funding by a whopping $4.9 billion!

We can’t let that happen! Too many lives are at stake. We need to let our Representatives know that NIH and CDC funding needs to be a priority. The deadline to submit appropriations requests is 11:59pm on March 28th so please contact your Representative today!

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