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Increase Community Use of Schools for Healthier Vermonters


Wouldn't it be great to see school gyms, sports fields and playgrounds as active during the afternoon and evenings as they are during the school day? Vermont adults and kids could play more and be more active if we limited liability to schools to encourage them to open up their buildings and grounds to the community for recreational purposes once the school day ends.

  • Providing access to recreational facilities is a critical strategy for helping people be more active. 
  • Having access to parks and recreational facilities is associated with lower body mass index among children and increased physical activity among adults.
  • School facilities, especially those that are centered in the community, can be an excellent resource for recreation and exercise where there is limited availability or private options are too expensive.
  • Research has shown that people who have parks or recreational facilities nearby exercise 38% more than those who do not have easy access.

Help us in our fight against obesity. Help Vermonters play more. Urge your legislator to support shared use legislation.

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